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Articles in Periodicals

Sl.No. Title Name of Periodical Periodicity Date
1 A Roadmap Towards Inclusive Growth By Embracing Technological Footprints KCMA Summit 2024 Viksit Bharat Going Global Annual 23/02/2024
2 Can the Expected Credit Loss Approach be a panacea for Indian Commercial banks BFSI Chronicle 3rd Annual Issue (14th Edition) Quarterly 09/09/2023
3 ROLE IN ESG IMPLEMENTATION: A panacea for climate change Global summit 2023 Other 14/07/2023
4 Youth In the vanguard Millenium Post Daily 05/07/2023
5 https://www.freepressjournal.in/education/how-india-can-be-successful-in-attracting-foreign-students FREE PRESS JOURNAL Daily 18/03/2023
6 A link between Investment and Consumption: Need of the hour for sustainability KCMA SOUVENIR 2023 Annual 26/02/2023
7 Glimpses of How is Investment Perceived and What should be the Investment INDIAN PERIODICAL Weekly 14/08/2022
8 Preserving the bedrock The quest for knowledge acquisition must be guarded from all pervasive technological invasion to guide students towards contributing to the national development Millennium Post Daily 24/05/2022


Sl.No. Title URL Subject Month Year
1 Traversing from VUCA to BANI https://docbusinessreview.christuniversity.in/issues DOC BUSINESS REVIEW (Issue 1) VUCA; Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

Participation in Seminars/Conferences/Symposium

Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Presenter International Conference with the theme Global Progress , Local Actions : Aligning Business and Management Practices with SDG Agendas? organized by Department of Commerce, Christ (Deemed to be Univer Navigating Sustainability -Understanding the impact of ESG Factors on Corporate Credit Worthiness in the Indian Market 19/02/2024 Christ University International
2 Symposium Participant Pre-Conference Workshop on the topic "Scale Development and Validation" organized by the Department of Commerce, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 19/02/2024 Christ University Institutional
3 Conference Presenter International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and its Application (ICAIA-2023) by Ajeenkya DY Patil University and I Nurture Education Solutions in association with Springer A study on revolution of healthcare industry with transformational Artificial Intelligence Tool 18/12/2023 Ajeenkya DY Patil University and I Nurture Education Solutions in association with Springer International
4 Conference Presenter International Finance and Accounting Conference IFAC 2023 A study on strategic role of Cost and Management Accountants in the ECL model of Indian Commercial Banks 08/09/2023 IIM Jammu and Kashmir International
5 Conference Presenter ICETCE 2023 Emerging Role of Blockchain on Healthcare Management in COVID-19 and Beyond 03/02/2023 Swami Keshvanand Institute of Management and Technology International
6 Conference Co-presenter Crtical Analysis of India's Internal Migration Policy 30/11/2022 DIST International
7 Conference Presenter 7th Int Conf on Advances in Management through Research, Innovation and Technology A study on Strategic Approach towards Asset Quality Management in Indian Commercial Banks 07/01/2022 FIIB academically partnered with Burgundi school of Business, Purta Business school, Uniglobe College, Universiti Tecknologi Mara International
8 Conference Presenter International Conf on Sustainable excellence in Business and Enterpreneurship Can CMAs be a Panacea in Asset Quality Management in Indian Commercial Banks 25/11/2021 Techno India with Universiti Malaysia, Kelantan Malaysia, EDSA London, UK, Mercu Buana Indonesia International

Invited Talks

Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Guest Talk On Academic To Corporate: A Roadmap To Transform As A Financial Expert MBA ORIENTATION PROGRAM 26/02/2024 BITM
2 Cultural and Social Changes PANEL DISCUSSION 20/12/2023 Christ University, Department of Commerce
3 Foreign Exchange Risk Guest Lecture 23/06/2023 Indian Academy Degree College
4 Commerce 4.0 Commerce Association Inauguration & Webinar on Commerce 4.0 24/08/2022 VET Institute of Arts and Science
5 Methods and Techniques of costing WEBINAR 16/07/2021 East Point College of Management
6 Pros and Cons of Banking sector in Pre & Post Covid WEBINAR 14/07/2021 INDIAN ACADEMT DEGREE COLLEGE

MPhil/PhD Guided/Adjudicated

Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
1 Influence of Digital Financial Literary on Personal Financial Management behavior in Digital Environment JESWIN JOSE Christ University July 2023
2 . AASTHA BAJAJ Christ University March 2024

Workshop/FDP/Training programme Attended

Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 Training program on ?Scaffolding Adult Learning Through Learner-Centered Approach? Christ University Institutional 01/03/2024
2 Management Development Program on HR Analytics? Christ University (Management Development Program) Institutional 22/11/2023
3 Unlocking the Power of Data Visualization: A Hands-On Power BI Workshop SWASTHIK CONSULTING SERVICES BANGALORE National 20/11/2023
4 Chat with a scholar theme Department of Commerce of Christ University Institutional 12/09/2023
5 5- Days online workshop on ?Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency & Metaverse? Meerashpa Learning Solutions International 11/09/2023
6 WORKSHOP ON ACSE DEVELOPMENT Department of Commerce of Christ University Institutional 24/08/2023
7 Case study mentorship Commerce dept of Christ University Institutional 24/08/2023
8 5 Days E -workshop on "Financial Modeling & Analysis" Meerashpa Learning Solutions International 17/07/2023
9 FDP-1 2023 Centre for education beyond curriculum and staff development college Institutional 26/06/2023
10 FPDP Christ University Institutional 05/04/2023
11 2 days FDP on Technical Analysis as a Life skill and career skill from SMI ISBR in collaboration with SMI National 14/03/2023
12 Online workshop on SLR and Meta Analysis Meerashpa Learning Solutions International 25/02/2023
13 Faculty Development Program on Curriculum Design and Revision with specific focus on OBE Christ University Institutional 05/12/2022
14 Faculty Development Programme I 2022 Christ University Institutional 06/07/2022
15 Management Conclave on 2022 : Indian's Transformational Story: Global Leadership and Innovative Governance Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Professional Studies 19/02/2022
16 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals KOENIG National 17/02/2022
17 FPDP" A study on strategic approach on Asset Quality Manangement in Indian Commercial Banks" Commerce dept of Christ University Institutional 28/01/2022
18 NPTEL ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSE ON COST ACCOUNTING Ministry of HRD, Government of India Institutional 26/07/2021


Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Offer letter for the post of a paper setter Paper setter for the PG Studies Indian Academy Degree college Indian Academy Degree College 05 March 2022
2 Expression of gratitude from ICMA Bangalore Chapter ICMAI, Bangalore Chapter 21 March 2022
3 Offer letter for the post facilitator in ICMA, Bangalore Chapter Facilitator for the intermediate batch of june 2022, ICMA ICMA BANGALORE CHAPTER 15 February 2022
4 Offer letter for the post facilitator in ICMA, Bangalore Chapter Facilitator for the intermediate batch of December 2022, ICMA ICMA BANGALORE CHAPTER 16 August 2022
5 Best Paper Award in International Conference The best paper award was being received in the International Conference ICETCE 2023. SKIT, Gramothan , Jaipur 04 February 2023
6 Faculty Felicitation Award Being a faculty at the ICMAI, Bangalore Chapter, the felicitation is made. ICMAI, Bangalore Chapter 03 December 2022
7 CISI level 1 exam qualification certificate Completed CISI level 1 exam {Introduction to Securities & Investment) Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment 25 August 2022
8 Ranked second in the event in "DOC Teachers Got Talent" in the event of MITIGE A recitation of self-composed poem was done to represent as a class teacher the class 4BCOMHC. Christ University 05 January 2024
9 Offer letter for question paper setting in Presidency College An offer via email has been sent to my Christ mail id to accept the invitation to set a question paper of "Financial Markets and Services" for 5BCOM Presidency College 07 November 2023
10 Certificate of recognition for coordination in the International Conference Coordinator for the International Conference with the theme Global Progress, Local Actions: Aligning Business and Management Practices With SDG Agendas held from 19-21 February 2024, organized by the Department of Commerce, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Central campus, Bangalore Christ University 21 February 2024


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