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Articles in Periodicals

Sl.No. Title Name of Periodical Periodicity Date
1 The fallacy of indispensability Deccan Herald Daily 14/06/2024
2 Micro-credentials in today's education Deccan Herald Daily 04/06/2024
3 Long work hours vs employee welfare Deccan Herald Daily 31/05/2024
4 Reversing the global democratic recession The Hindu Daily 24/05/2024
5 Not bored of the Bard yet? Deccan Herald Daily 24/05/2024
6 how to make the most of Post exam holidays The New Indian Express Daily 23/05/2024
7 Chronicles of a presiding officer Deccan Herald Daily 13/05/2024
8 Stooping low for electoral gains Deccan Herald Daily 06/05/2024
9 Strategies for 21st century skills Deccan Herald Daily 30/04/2024
10 Opening the wrong gates to PhD aspirants The New Indian Express Daily 19/04/2024
11 NAAC's accreditation system needs change to be creditable The New Indian Express Daily 22/03/2024
12 Regulating India's factories of despair Deccan Herald Daily 13/03/2024
13 The ordeals of teachers Deccan Herald Daily 12/03/2024
14 The Power of Learner-driven classroom Deccan Herald Daily 27/02/2024
15 Will Vijay's entry alter TN politics? Deccan Herald Daily 14/02/2024
16 Academia's tempestuous terrain in times of precarity The New Indian Express Daily 09/02/2024
17 Combating false information Deccan Herald Daily 26/01/2024
18 Teach them how to serve Deccan Herald Daily 16/01/2024
19 New Academic credit system needs all institutions aboard The New Indian Express Daily 11/01/2024
20 Benefits of collaborative learning Deccan Herald Daily 26/12/2023
21 School the leaders in the humanities Deccan Herald Daily 19/12/2023
22 Grade Inflation Helps No one, End Obsession with Marksism The New Indian Express Daily 13/12/2023
23 New NEET cut-off will be of Zero help to worthy wards The New Indian Express Daily 28/10/2023
24 Feedback: A catalyst for students' growth Deccan Herald Daily 17/10/2023
25 Parents and Educators must Reduce Student Stress The New Indian Express Daily 14/10/2023
26 Parents and educators must reduce student Stress The New Indian Express Daily 14/10/2023
27 Focus on students' Mental Health. Deccan Herald Daily 10/10/2023
28 Why we need peaceable classrooms Deccan Herald Daily 26/09/2023
29 A cloud over our democracy Deccan Herald Daily 23/08/2023
30 TN Guv exceeds brief Deccan Herald Daily 01/07/2023
31 Making Youth politically aware Deccan Herald Daily 06/06/2023
32 National digital University: Promises and Challenges Deccan Herald Daily 23/05/2023
33 How to cope with rejection in a relationship The New Indian Express Daily 07/04/2023
34 Respectful dialogue in classrooms Deccan Herald Daily 04/04/2023
35 Rethinking the idea of University Deccan Herald Daily 21/02/2023
36 Foreign varsities in India: pros and cons Deccan Herald Daily 31/01/2023
37 No conclusive trend Deccan Herald Daily 10/12/2022
38 Benefits of Learner centred teaching Deccan Herald Daily 06/12/2022
39 Language, exempted? Deccan Herald Daily 15/11/2022
40 Gods on notes Deccan Herald Daily 11/11/2022
41 Nobel prizes may be noble after all Deccan Herald Daily 11/10/2022
42 Rewarding rebellion? Deccan Herald Daily 28/09/2022
43 The Blame game must end Deccan Herald Daily 13/09/2022
44 Speaking truth to power Deccan Herald Daily 30/08/2022
45 Nehru's legacy will live on Deccan Herald Daily 17/08/2022
46 Karnataka better off without imported models Deccan Herald Daily 03/08/2022
47 Convert words into actions Deccan Herald Daily 27/07/2022
48 Actions matter Deccan Herald Daily 21/07/2022
49 CUET - A Futile exercise with an exclusivist agenda DECCAN HERALD Daily 17/05/2022
50 Ethics, a must for Academic leadership Deccan Herald Daily 17/05/2022
51 Where is vision? Deccan Herald Daily 11/01/2022
52 Stop targetting NGOs Deccan Herald Daily 05/01/2022
53 Silence like cancer grows Deccan Herald Daily 27/12/2021
54 Shun divisive politics and communal agenda Deccan Herald Daily 09/09/2021
55 Rethinking quarantine rules is important Deccan Herald Daily 02/09/2021
56 We must be biased of our prejudices Deccan Herald Daily 30/08/2021
57 Time to shed patriarchy Deccan Herald Daily 28/08/2021
58 Mission not impossible Deccan Herald Daily 25/08/2021
59 No need to rush Deccan Herald Daily 20/08/2021
60 Continue the struggle Deccan Herald Daily 16/08/2021
61 Monsoon session: Waste of time, money Deccan Herald Daily 14/08/2021
62 Stop the ugly trend Deccan Herald Daily 12/08/2021
63 Both are right Deccan Herald Daily 09/08/2021
64 For the common good Deccan Herald Daily 07/08/2021
65 PM should introspect Deccan Herald Daily 05/08/2021
66 Uphill task for BJP Deccan Herald Daily 30/07/2021
67 Exercise caution Deccan Herald Daily 28/07/2021
68 Giving back to society Deccan Herald Daily 23/07/2021
69 Need professional help Deccan Herald Daily 19/07/2021
70 With election in mind Deccan Herald Daily 15/07/2021
71 Need action, not words Deccan Herald Daily 13/07/2021
72 Right to question Deccan Herald Daily 09/07/2021
73 Mocking the dead Deccan Herald Daily 05/07/2021
74 Minister's statements ambiguous, scientific thinking needed Deccan Herald Daily 02/07/2021
75 End VIP culture Deccan Herald Daily 28/06/2021
76 Good move Deccan Herald Daily 23/06/2021
77 Right observation Deccan Herald Daily 21/06/2021
78 BJP stands exposed Deccan Herald Daily 19/06/2021
79 Disregard for science Daily 17/06/2021
80 Need strong opposition Daily 15/06/2021
81 Shift Mindset Deccan Herald Daily 12/06/2021
82 Blatant abuse of power Deccan Herald Daily 28/05/2021
83 The Inimitable Five Deccan Herald Daily 11/12/2020
84 The Art of 'Smart' Parenting Deccan Herald Daily 15/04/2020
85 To eat or not to eat? Deccan Herald Daily 31/01/2020
86 Somnolent Musings Deccan Herald Daily 09/12/2019
87 The Crucial Role of a Teacher Today Deccan Herald Daily 05/09/2008
88 Dynastic politics Deccan Herald Daily 15/05/2007
89 Armchair activism Deccan Herald Daily 03/03/2007
90 A Long Way to Go Deccan Herald Daily 21/03/1994

Articles in Journals

Sl.No. Title Name of Journal Date of Publication Volume No/Issue No/Page No
1 Death Rituals and Change among Hindu Nadars in a South Indian Village South Asia Research 11-Feb-2021 41 / 2 / -

Additional information

Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Co-Author
Title of Article Death Rituals and Change among Hindu Nadars in a South Indian Village
Name of Journal South Asia Research
Volume No 41
Issue No 2
Page No -
URL https://journals.sagepub.com/home/sar
Date of Publication 11-Feb-2021
2 Transforming through Dialogue in Bernard Malamud's "The Assistant". Journal of Dharma 31-Mar-2017 42 / 1 / 67-84

Additional information

Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Co-Author
Title of Article Transforming through Dialogue in Bernard Malamud's "The Assistant".
Name of Journal Journal of Dharma
Volume No 42
Issue No 1
Page No 67-84
URL www.dharmajournals.in
Date of Publication 31-Mar-2017

Participation in Seminars/Conferences/Symposium

Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Panelist Pedagogic Challenges and Opportunities: Perspective Beyond Borders 28/10/2021 Christ University International
2 Conference Keynote Speaker Inetrnational Faculty Development programme Pedagogical shift from Text to hypertext -Language and Literature to the Digital Natives 13/09/2021 Universiti Malaya, Malaysia and SRNM college, tamilnadu International
3 Symposium Organizer Dissent - An exercise of Heterogeneity, Differance and Existence 24/01/2020 Christ University National
4 Symposium Moderator/Chair The Present Context of Higher Education Impacting Universities and Colleges: Preparing for High Quality initiatives 15/03/2018 Christ University National
5 Seminar Moderator/Chair Setting Technological standards and strategy for Higher Education 01/02/2018 Christ University National
6 Seminar Organizer Macaulay to Globalization: Shifting Perspectives of English Classrooms in Indian Higher Education in the 21 Century 10/11/2017 Christ University National
7 Seminar Participant Reframing the Hero in Cinemas of India 16/03/2017 Christ University National
8 Conference Keynote Speaker National Conference on Language, Literature and Culture Language, Literature and Culture: Need for Pluralism in an increasingly parochial, chauvinistic and a globalized world 10/03/2017 Sengunthar Arts and Science college, Tiruchengode National
9 Seminar Participant A Big Little world: Perspectives on Children's literature in India 21/02/2017 Christ University National
10 Symposium Moderator/Chair Production and Dissemination of knowledge in the Social Sciences 10/04/2013 CHRIST and NIAS National
11 Seminar Panelist English Language In Higher Education: Exploring Learner Centered Approaches 29/01/2013 Christ University National
12 Conference Presenter Strategic Planning in Higher Education Administration in Higher education - Deanery 31/05/2012 Christ University National
13 Conference Moderator/Chair Knowledge dissemination Through publications 28/09/2011 Christ University National
14 Seminar Presenter Voices from the Outside in Rohinton Mistry's "Family Matters". - National
15 Participant A new social thinking for a new social model ? Loo A new social thinking for a new social model ? Looking for alternatives - International Federation of Catholic Universities International
16 Participant English Language in Higher Education: Exploring Le English Language in Higher Education: Exploring Learner-centered approaches - Department of English National
17 Participant Asian Religions and Public Life Asian Religions and Public Life - United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia International
18 Participant Course in Asian Cultures and Theologies Course in Asian Cultures and Theologies - United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia International
19 Participant International Conference on Social Communication International Conference on Social Communication - International Federation of Catholic Universities International
20 Participant International conference on Untrodden Paths in Edu International conference on Untrodden Paths in Education - Xavier Borad of Education, India International
21 Participant A National seminar on Total Quality manangement A National seminar on Total Quality manangement - UGC Sponsored seminar organized by Crossland College National
22 Participant Enhancing Quality in Research publications Enhancing Quality in Research publications - Centre for education beyond Curriculum, Christ University, Bangalore Regional
23 Participant Virtual Global Conference on Technology for Blende Virtual Global Conference on Technology for Blended and Distributed Education - Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum, Christ University, Bangalore National
24 Participant International Conference on Science, technology an International Conference on Science, technology and Economy - Indian Association of Social science Institutions, New Delhi International
25 Participant National conference on Presentations and Represent National conference on Presentations and Representations of the Voices of Poet Laureates to the modern World - UGC sponsored conference organized by Periyar University National
26 Participant RTeading Indias: Narratives, Discourses and Imagin RTeading Indias: Narratives, Discourses and Imaginations - Department of English National
27 Seminar Presenter Return of the Author: Mistry as the Crusader of Human Rights - National
28 Seminar Presenter Silenced Voices: Lost Daughters in India - National
29 Participant EXPRESSIONS EXPRESSIONS - COMMITS International
30 Conference Presenter Administration at the Deanery - Institutional
31 Conference Presenter Literature and Social Wellbeing: An Ethical Reviewing of the inextricable Link - International
32 Participant National Seminar on Reviewing Hundred Years of Ind National Seminar on Reviewing Hundred Years of Indian Cinemas - Department of English, Christ University National
33 Conference Presenter Transmission of Christian Values in Catholic Universities - International
34 Conference Presenter Constructing Authentic Catholic Culture in Catholic Colleges aand Universities: Transcending Complexities and Dilemmas - National

Invited Talks

Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Making sense of the 'New' Normal - can pandemic Literature help? Pegasus 29/04/2022 The American College, Madurai
2 Importance and Relevance of Literary Studies Philos Literary Fest 05/02/2020 St Philomena's College, Mysore
3 English Language and Literature - Importance and Relevance National workshop 20/09/2019 Sri Parasakthi College for Women
4 Questioning the Canon in Language, Literature and Culture: Politics of the Singular Mother Rose Endowment Lecture 09/09/2019 Fatima College (autonomous)
5 Academic Leadership Staff Refresher programme 07/08/2019 Kongu arts and Science College, Erode
6 Paradigm Shift in Polity, Society, Culture ....in Contemporary India International conference 30/10/2018 Government First Grade College
7 Visionary Teachers as Strategic Leaders for Today and Tomorrow. One day Faculty Development Programme 11/06/2018 PKR College for Women
8 Language, Literature and Culture National Conference 10/03/2017 Sengunthar Arts and Science College, Tirucengode
9 Contribution of Researchers towards creating a Better and Harmonious Society National seminar 29/09/2016 St Anne's Degree College for Women
10 Enhancing Quality through Research Inauguration of the Post Graduate Programmes 24/09/2016 St Francis De Sales College
11 An Analysis of Wole Soyinka's Collective Works National Conference 03/09/2015 EKR Arts and Science College
12 Effective Communication and Strategies for Communication 18/02/2015 The SFR College for Women
13 Autonomy and Curriculum Preparation for Autonomy 12/03/2014 Christ University
14 Communication for Specific Purposes Faculty Development programme 03/10/2013 Christ University
15 Envisioning a better tomorrow: Partners in Holistic Growth Faculty Development programme 28/09/2013 Christ School
16 Production and Dissemination of Knowledge in the Social Sciences Round Table Conference 10/04/2013 NIAS & Christ University
17 Chaired a technical session on Indian English Fiction of the New Millennium UGC sponsored National Seminar 12/02/2013 Gandhigram Rural Insititute
18 Faculty development through building academic competency Orientation Programme for Academic administrators 11/01/2013 Christ University
19 Entry of Foreign Universities in India: Boon or bane? National Seminar 30/11/2012 Christu Jayanthi College
20 Presentations and Representations of the Voices of Poet Laureates to the Modern world UGC Sponsored National Seminar 23/03/2011 Periyar University
21 Need and Relevance of Total Quality Management in Education UGC Sponsored national Seminar 08/08/2009 Crossland College

MPhil/PhD Guided/Adjudicated

Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
1 Sisyphus and Naranathu Bhranthan As Existential Revolutionaries : An Existential Reading Dhanya G Nair Christ University May 2013
2 Political Representation of Mumbai in Rohinton Mistry's Such a Long Journey and A Fine Balance. Shaival Thakkar Christ University July 2014
3 Dismantling of Gender Constructs and Representation of Gender in the Select plays of Mahesh Dattani Divya R Christ University February 2015
4 Reflections of Global and National Standards in the English Syllabus of Uniform System of School Education Scheme with Special Reference to LSRW Skills. V Pugazhenthi Bharathiar University
5 The Problems in Learning English Language by Tribal and Non-Tribal children at Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve Nagaraj C Bharathiyar University,
6 Psycholinguistic Strategies to Improve Communicative Competence in English: A Study at the Postgraduate Level D Irish Kezia MS University
7 Locating the Music Album Jag Changa as a Third Space and Examining the Conservation of Folk Elements through Hybridization Midhun Kumar Christ University April 2018
8 Resistance, Empowerment and Restructuring Identity in Kuriakose Elias Chavara's Poem "Anastasis's Martyrdom": A New Historicist Reading Vinod Michael Christ University May 2018
9 Ideas of Identity and Imagined Communities in Association Football Sohail M Guledgudd Christ University May 2018
10 Transition in Ecofeminist Approaches to Indian Fiction Writing by Women novelists: A study with reference to selected authors between 1950 and 2010 Reshma Ranjith Bharathiyar University
11 De/Reconstruction of Self and Identity in Select Male Dalit Autobiographies Teddy C Anthappai The Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed to be Unive
12 Negotiating Identities in Liminality: A Postcolonial Reading of Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance and Buchi Emecheta's The Second Class Citizen Falke Aishwarya Rajendra Christ University September 2019
13 A Comparative study of Ecological Imperialism of the East and the West in the novels of Amitav Ghosh and George Orwell P Saravanan Bharathidasan University
14 Where are the Margins? The shifting positions of space and identity in Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient and Shyam Selva Durai's Funny Boy. Arnila Gunaratne Christ University May 2013
15 A Textual Study of Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea and Franz Kafka's The Trial. Vipin George Christ University April 2013
17 Locating Home through the Poetry of Sudesh Mishra TANA TRIVEDI Christ University June 2020
18 Social Media, Campus Party Politics and Political Participation BOBY JOHN Christ University September 2020
19 Hidden Discourses, Latent Ideals: A study of the novels of Herman Hesse Madhu V Mahatma Gandhi University
21 Ecological Crisis, Indigenous Communities and Responses from Global South: Dialectics of Environmental Ethics in Select Contemporary Eco-Fiction SRUTHI S SIMON Christ University July 2022
22 Contextualising Text Worlds: Deictic Shifts in Select Poems of Charles Tomlinson GIFTY JOSEPH Christ University July 2022

Research Project

Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
1 Examining the Representations of Tradition in Modernity and Modernity in Tradition: An Empirical Understanding of Rituals and Practices associated with Birth, Marriage and Death Internal
2 Examining the representations of tradition in modernity and modernity in tradition: An empiricial understanding of rituals and practices associated with birth, marriage and death JOHN JOSEPH KENNEDY P, OM PRAKASH L T Internal

Workshop/FDP/Training programme Attended

Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 Social Media's Impact on Anglophone Literature ELTAI International 26/05/2024
2 Orientation on The CU regulation for Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal pf sexual harassment ICC Institutional 14/02/2023
3 SDG Goals and Implementation of 2030 agenda on campus UN Academic Impact Institutional 19/01/2023
4 Global Benchmarking HRDC Institutional 04/01/2023
5 Faculty Development programme CEDBEC Institutional 06/07/2022
6 Faculty Development programme Sri Ramasamy Memorial college International 24/05/2022
7 Creative Writer's Creative processes ELTAI International 22/05/2022
8 Language Across the Curriculum ELTAI International 15/05/2022
9 Rabindranath Tagore and a collage of thoughts... ELTAI International 08/05/2022
10 Teaching with Infographics ELTAI International 17/04/2022
11 Experiential learning in ESL classroom ELTAI International 10/04/2022
12 Why things matter in Thing theory? ELTAI International 03/04/2022
13 Know thy neighbour: Translation as a mediator across cultures ELTAI International 27/03/2022
14 Strategies for Students' success in English language learning ELTAI International 20/03/2022
15 Education Made in CHRIST HRDC 14/03/2022
16 Human centered Design to problem solving ELTAI International 13/03/2022
17 Approaching Spoken English: A phonetician's rumination ELTAI International 06/03/2022
18 Professional development webinar ELTAI 13/02/2022
19 Faculty Development Programme I CEDBEC Institutional 16/09/2021
20 Quality improvement programme Staff development College Institutional 02/03/2021
21 Webinar Gandhigram Rural Institute & St Thomas College National 09/07/2020
22 Quality Improvement Programme Academic Staff College 20/05/2019
23 National Workshop on the Draft National Policy on Education -2016 Conference of Catholic Colleges of Karnataka National 08/08/2016
24 English Language and Literaturein India: Approaches, Themes, and Concerns Academic Staff College, Christ University 22/05/2015
25 Routledge Editorial workshop Taylor & Francis Institutional 25/09/2014
26 Thinking Like a Writer Michigan State University International 23/08/2014
27 Research Concerns and Methods in Contemporary English Studies Academic Staff College, Christ University 18/03/2014
28 Developing Learning Centered Curriculum Department of English Regional 18/01/2014
29 Establishing Teaching Learning Centers in Higher Education National University of Educational Planning and Administration National 26/11/2013
30 Faculty Development programme Deanery of Commerce and Management Institutional 01/10/2013
31 Workshop for M.Phil Guides Department of English Institutional 18/08/2012
32 FDP Christ University Institutional 01/06/2012
33 Refresher Course on Contemporary Trends and Transitions in Humanities and Social Sciences Christ University, Bangalore Institutional 25/04/2012
34 Refresher Course in English Bangalore University National 04/02/2004
35 Refresher Course in English Bharadhiyar University, Coimbatore National 14/02/2003
36 Orientation Programme Bangalore University National 11/08/2000
37 Refresher Course in English Pondicherry University National 21/02/2000


Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Moderator for a session Seminar on Preparation for Autonomy Christ University March, 2014
2 Resource Person National Conference on Identity and Ethnicity in Contemporary literature SFR College (Autonomous), Sivaksi FEB 2014
3 Resource Person / Key note address National Conference on "An Analysis of Wole Soyinka's Collective Works." ERK Arts and Science College September 2015
4 Resource person - Keynote & Valedictory address Two day National seminar on Global perspectives on English Language and Literature Vivekananda College for Women March 2016
5 Resource person Conducted a one day Faculty development Programme for the Teachers of St Francis De Sales College. St Francis De Sales College 04 November 2016
6 Moderator in International Conference Moderator for Panel Discussion of International conference on Influence of Neo-Freudian Theories in 20th Century Literature St Francis De Sales College 24 January 2017
7 Chair for the Keynote of the International Conference Harmony, Interface of Cosmic, Ethical and Religious Orders CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 09 January 2019
8 Moderator at the National Colloquium Right to Education and Gross National Happiness through Higher Education CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 28 November 2018
9 Resource Person Academic Retreat for Sri Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College, Sattur CEDBEC, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 31 August 2018
10 Resource Person Orientation Programme on Enhancing Institutional Effectiveness Through educational Excellence CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 08 May 2019
11 Moderator at National Seminar Moderated a session on Indian Higher Education: Current Status and Leadership Challenges CEDBEC, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 13 June 2019
12 Resource Person Three day Faculty Development Programme Sri Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College 20 August 2019
13 Resource Person Staff Refresher Programme for Kongu Arts and Science College CHRIST, Bangalore 06 August 2019
14 Resource Person Workshop Sri Parasakthi College for Women, Courtallam 20 September 2019
15 External Examiner for PhD Viva Conducted the Viva Voce examination Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu 29 November 2019
16 Chair and Moderator National Seminar on Education, Neuro Science, Technology and Pedagogy: Neuro systemic Influence on Learning CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 14 November 2019
17 Moderator Moderated a panel discussion organised by the University in collaboration with ELTAI ELTAI and CHRIST University 12 April 2022


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