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Sl.No. Title URL Subject Month Year
1 Hakim Khan and his 500 years old Kamaicha https://www.folktothefolks.in/copy-of-mangla-ram-bhopa-2 Folk Culture of India
2 Water Usage, Conservation and Rehabilitation at Ragi Kana https://understandinginformalmarkets.wordpress.com/ Environment and Development
3 Reviving the Legacy of Gandhi https://understandinginformalmarkets.wordpress.com/ Environment
4 Thriving Social Media Promotes Ragi Kana https://understandinginformalmarkets.wordpress.com/ Social Media
5 Is there a greater purpose to markets? https://understandinginformalmarkets.wordpress.com/ Informal Markets

Participation in Seminars/Conferences/Symposium

Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Co-presenter National Conference Media Nexus 2024 User-Centric Design Approach in E-Governance: A Study of Indian State Government Websites 17/04/2024 St Paul's College National
2 Conference Co-presenter National Conference Media Nexus 2024 17/04/2024 ST PAULS COLLEGE National
3 Conference Co-presenter International Conference on Media and Design for a Sustainable Future 04/04/2024 Sharda University International
4 Symposium Participant Giant Strides by India in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges 10/08/2023 Christ University Regional
5 Conference Participant Sinhasi Social Impact Conference 02/08/2023 Sinhasi Consultants International
6 Conference Organizer Media Meet 24/08/2022 Christ University International
7 Seminar Participant Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence in Journalism 05/11/2020 Department of Media Studies, Christ Nagar College International
8 Seminar Participant International Webinar on Performing Shakespeare: Dance, Jazz and Perfume 09/10/2020 Christ University International
9 Seminar Participant IAMCR - India Webinar Series on Media and Communication Research 03/08/2020 International Association for Media and Communication Research National
10 Seminar Participant Webinar on Digital Film Restoration 25/07/2020 Braves Educare Society National
11 Seminar Participant International Webinar on New Wave in South Asian Cinema 18/07/2020 Christ Nagar College, Trivandrum International
12 Seminar Participant Webinar on How to Write and Publish Books 16/07/2020 Christ University Institutional
13 Seminar Participant Journalism In The Time Of COVID-19 06/04/2020 Christ University National
14 Conference Co-presenter 30th AIMS Annual Management Education Convention 30/08/2019 WE School International
15 Conference Co-presenter International Contemporary Urban Issues Conference 07/12/2018 DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) International
16 Conference Presenter International Communication Management Conference (ICMC) Decoding the Digital-Jalebi: A Case Study of an Indian Word Game 11/01/2018 Christ University International
17 Seminar Presenter Vasudhaiva Kutumbakum: Reconceptualising Interconnections and Innovations Distribution and Exhibition of Hollywood Films in India: Emerging Trends and issues 08/04/2017 St Xavier's College National
18 Conference Presenter International Conference on Media and Communication Studies Emergence of Video Games as a Mainstream Digital Medium of Entertainment in India 20/11/2015 Amity School of Media and Communication Studies International

Invited Talks

Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Master Class on Art Appreciation through Films 11/08/2022 School of Architecture, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
2 Digital Photography One-Week Intensive Workshop on Photography 29/01/2016 Centre for Mass Communication, Central University of Jharkhand

MPhil/PhD Guided/Adjudicated

Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
1 News Media Literacy and News Consumption Patterns of Indian Media Students YASH KARIWAL Christ University March 2022
2 Political Culture and Alternative Approaches in Climate Crisis Photography: A Visual Cross Platform Analysis. TIA BOBAN Christ University June 2022
3 Developing an AI-supported Predictive Model for Resilient Urban Planning ELSA ANNA SIMON Christ University June 2022

Research Project

Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
1 Ragi Kana: A Case Study Focusing on the Interaction of Formal and Informal Market Arrangements for Sustainable Growth PADMINI RAM, AJAY KUMAR Internal

Workshop/FDP/Training programme Attended

Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 Scaffolding Adult Learning Through Learner-Centered Approach Teaching Learning Enhancement Cell Institutional 26/02/2024
2 Data journalism for citizen security Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas International 15/01/2024
3 Digital Peacebuilding: Integrating Technology with Peacebuilding Practices Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute Foundation International 16/10/2023
4 Expecting the unexpected: Best practices for research on sensitive subjects Department of Liberal Arts, CHRIST University International 04/09/2023
5 Google News Initiative India Training Network Recertification Program 2023 Google News Initiative 01/09/2023
6 GNI India Training Network Fact Check Academy Training-of-Trainers Boot Camp Google News Initiative National 24/08/2022
7 Master Class on Art Appreciation through Films School of Architecture, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Institutional 11/08/2022
8 Media Meet 2022 - Workshop on Mobile Journalism y Department of Media Studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) International 23/07/2022
9 Inculcating Creativity: Tools for Effective Thinking AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy National 07/07/2021
10 Basic Course in Animation Film Making AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy National 17/05/2021
11 Faculty Development Programme (FDP I) Center for Education Beyond Curriculum Institutional 15/05/2021
12 Quality Improvement Programme Department of Media Studies, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 13/05/2021
13 Quality Improvement Program Academic Staff College 21/01/2021
14 Training on Google Classroom, CHRIST University Institutional 19/11/2020
15 Introduction to Philosophy The University of Edinburgh International 01/09/2020
16 AI for Everyone The University of Edinburgh International 01/08/2020
17 Quality Improvement Program on Enhancing pedagogic practices, Research and Consultancy Academic Staff College 20/05/2019
18 Intensive Workshop on Case Teaching, Writing and Research Christ Institute of Management Institutional 17/01/2019
19 Quality Improvement Program on teaching-Learning and Evaluation Christ University-Academic Staff College 17/05/2017


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