Lt Cdr Saino Wilson

Lieutenant Commander Indian Navy - M.Sc. Mathematics (Batch of 2014)

Getting into Christ is a matter of pride, honor and joy, however, returning to college as a Masters student in Mathematics can be as intimidating as it sounds. But, the Department of Mathematics and my class have always helped me to feel more confident about the subject. A lot of this is due to the atmosphere created in the department by the wonderful professors who have always been so approachable and helpful both on and off campus. One of the fondest memories of the college is the great rapport between the students and professors which each of us have taken along our individual journeys. The 2 years in Christ had made Mathematics enjoyable

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Anna Sosa Thomas

IRS, Assistant Commissioner Central Taxes, Bangalore - B.Sc. CMS (Batch of 2009)

“The Department of Mathematics has offered me a plethora of opportunities to develop and mould my personality as an individual. Dr T V Joseph was more of a mentor and guide than just a teacher. I am deeply indebted to the department for making me the person I am today!”

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Syeda Khudeja Akbar

Product Manager, Illuminate Education Inc., California, USA - M.Sc. Mathematics (Batch of 2010)

My experiences as an undergraduate, a graduate and a doctoral student of the Department of Mathematics in Christ University prepared me well for a fulfilling and rewarding career. Christ University not only has the state-of-the-art infrastructure but also experienced and distinguished professors who push you to gain knowledge, to identify your strengths and to gain new industry-relevant skills. The modules for graduate and PhD students are well-designed to equip students with the tools necessary for their research and academic pursuits. The informal, curricular and extracurricular activities that are an integral part of the student life contributed substantially to learning. The multicultural experiences I gained during my time here, together with the high-quality education, prepared me to confidently pursue a career in the Education Technology industry in the United States.”

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Krishnan R G

Organization name: Nokia Designation: Head of Program Management MCA (1996 )

“Education at Christ was always complete and wholesome. In addition to the relentless focus on excellence in formal subjects, the course also prepared us for life. We were treated as professionals, given responsibilities, freedom to execute these, confidence and of course the coaching and guidance. Bottom-line: My education at Christ helps me stand out at work even today. Thank you, Christ University! I wish the fresh graduating batches as much success as we had.”


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S.A. Norton Stanley

Advisory Software Engineer IBM, India Software Labs MCA (20

“I've been asked many times if I was from Christ College, when asked why, the answer has been that we excel in what we do. Feels proud to hear that each time. It's not just the education it's beyond. #Christite...I owe it to my alma mater for helping me define and kick start my career. It feels great to remain connected with them for so many years now and years to come!”

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Juny M Joseph

MCA (1998) - CS Alumni President Sr Manager, Catalent Pharma Solutions

"It’s not just the curriculum that helped me at Christ, but it is the place which helped me nurture my soft skills. It has helped me improve my self-confidence. The numerous opportunities for soft skill development designed in the courses have helped me in my career growth immensely".


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Shailaja aSeetharaman

Marie Skłodowska-Curie PhD Fellow Cell Polarity, Migration and Cancer Unit, Institut Pasteur, Paris

"I completed my undergraduate degree, BSc BCZ at Christ University in 2014. I believe that the curriculum for a Bachelor's, especially in Biotechnology, was very rigorous and thorough, covering a wide range of topics that are relevant for a career in science. The professors in the department were highly supportive and in particular, Dr. Suma ma'am, has encouraged me up until now to continue pursuing a research career and keep the curiosity going! Ever since I graduated, I have been invited to give talks at the Biotechnology Dept several times, and this has given me a great opportunity to interact with the next generation of students and alumni who aspire to do science and research."

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Sahana S

MSc Msc Biotechnolog 2017, Analyst, Product Management and Operation ,Merck Life Sciences

Being a student of  the first batch of MSc Biotechnology in CHRIST (Deemed to be University) was an unforgettable journey. Constant support from my Lecturers for academics and personal development has shaped my learning experience. I will be eternally indebted for the University for enabling us to be full fledged professionals.

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Niketa Nerurkar

2015 BCZ ,Technical Associate Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research MIT, Cambridge, MA USA

The Department of Life Sciences provided me with a strong academic foundation that has further supported my research work. Using skills that I developed in our practical sessions, I have been able to gather the basic techniques required for a research-based career in the biological sciences. I am immensely grateful for the faculty who ensured that I performed experiments with the utmost care and attention to detail, while enriching my experience with extracurricular activities, fests and leadership opportunities. It is the culmination of extensive theoretical knowledge, dedicated laboratory time and overall holistic development in the Department of Life Sciences that has gotten me to where I am today.

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Anjana R

2017 MSc Zoology ,CSIR JRF, PhD Scholar Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysuru

My two years of Masters at Christ (deemed to be University) made me improve a lot on my inter and intrapersonal skills. The department of life sciences, with all its facilities and well experienced faculties have put in all efforts to groom me as a result of which I am now pursuing PhD in an eminent institute with a national fellowship. The department has to be appreciated for shaping the syllabus in a such a way as to be able to crack the national level exams. I am happy and proud to be a Christite.

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G N Akshay

2015 BCZ,Operations Lead Guardians of Dreams Foundation Bangalore

As a student in the Life Sciences department at Christ, I gained both the technical expertise and confidence to approach inter-disciplinary research with immense curiosity.  The instructors in each course were skilled, patient and offered individualized attention to students. I was so impressed with the emphasis on overall growth and I am  thankful to have been a part of this program. I have learned so much that I'm able to apply across multiple disciplines of my work.


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Carlson Tata – FIA, ASA

Associate Director | Head, Life Actuarial Services at Leadway Assurance Company Limited, Lagos - Nigeria - BSc Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics ( Batch of 2013); MSc Actuarial Science ( Batch of 2015)

My studies of Mathematics (BSc) at Christ University played a key role in shaping my career. Thanks to the amazing faculty, curriculum and learning resources available, my problem-solving and critical thinking skills improved tremendously during the course, as my passion for the subject grew. The level of dedication and support from the faculty in and out of the classroom was remarkable, and worth commending. The diverse nature of assignments and co-curricular activities, including science exhibitions, enriched my learning experience as they developed my research skills and ability to innovatively apply mathematics in the real world. It was indeed a privilege for me to be part of the Mathematics department.

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Richard Sunny

Lieutenant commander, Indian Navy, Mathematics (2014-16)

Christ University has moulded me holistically and aided me to contribute to the society effectively during the span of two years pursuing Masters in Mathematics. This is aligned with the Mission of the University and the untiring efforts of the Department of Mathematics. The knowledge and skill set gained from the university have facilitated me in pursuing core specialization in the field of Modelling and Simulation in the Indian Navy.


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Saino Wilson

Lieutenant commander, Indian Navy, M.Sc. Mathematcis (2014-16)

Getting into Christ is a matter of pride, honor and joy, however, returning to college as a Masters student in Mathematics can be as intimidating as it sounds. But, the Department of Mathematics and my class have always helped me to feel more confident about the subject. A lot of this is due to the atmosphere created in the department by the wonderful professors who have always been so approachable and helpful both on and off campus. One of the fondest memories of the college is the great rapport between the students and professors which each of us have taken along our individual journeys. The 2 years in Christ had made Mathematics enjoyable.

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Sarah Pais

Data Scientist, QuantamBlack AI by McKinsey & Co Bengaluru, B.Sc. EMS (2015-18)

My experience at Christ University in the department of Mathematics has proved to be an indelible part of my academic and professional career. Through the support of the department, I was able to secure a British Council Scholarship to pursue my Masters in Data Science in Liverpool, which exposed me to a plethora of opportunities. My strong theoretical background along with relevant practical skills developed through the curriculum at Christ has continuously enabled me to adapt my work across a number of industries - from building performance models for IPL teams, to demand forecasting in agriculture.

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Nived Rajeev Saritha

Junior Analyst,Space Intelligence Ltd, Scotland, United Kingdom, B.Sc.PCM (2017-20)

It will certainly not be an exaggeration to say that I use my mathematical perspective of the world every single day to create a positive impact in society and I use the word perspective for a reason. Beyond outstanding training in the rudiments of the impeccable theoretical framework that form the core of modern mathematical sciences and research, my professors at Christ University’s Department of Mathematics taught me how to observe the world through the looking glass of mathematics. Today, I use that very perspective I acquired from them to help the international scientific community battle the century’s biggest enemy–climate change. I am eternally grateful to the department for shaping me into an individual with integrity, courage, passion, professionalism, decision making skills, and a mathematical thought process for a satisfying career in science, and for life at large.

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Vrinda Mehta

Flying Officer, Indian Airforce, B.Sc. EMS(2016-19)

I have had the privilege to complete my triple major UG programme under the aegis of the Department of Mathematics in 2019. The environment, the faculty and the facilities there facilitate the learning and growth of students, honing up their logical skills while developing their competence in core subjects. Along with infrastructure of the University, ample opportunities are available for holistic development of students. I  could pursue my interests in multiple fields by being part of the University Cultural Team, the University Choir, developing models in the exhibitions organized by the department, sweating-out in the basketball courts, developing soft skills by being member of Leadership Development credit course, learning the nuances of income tax in another credit course, the list goes on endlessly....... And all of these, under the ‘fear’ of constant ‘hawk-eyed’ vigil by our mentors in the department, who kept us disciplined and focused at all times. I thank the university for being part of the journey of my joining the Indian Air Force.
La Viva, the Christ University!


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Hrishikesh TMM Iyengar

Social Protection Consultant, Washington, US, B.Sc. EMS (2016-19)

B.Sc. Economics, Mathematics and Statistics at CHRIST provides an ideal package for students aspiring to pursue further studies (in Economics/Mathematics/Statistics/data science), or work at a research/corporate organisation. It imparts theory complemented with software knowledge (e.g., R, Python, MATLAB), which makes the course quite application oriented. As with any school and more so with CHRIST, the peer-to-peer learning is the highlight as students spend most of their day with their classmates. This results in some fruitful collaborations – such as teaching. learning and ideating on the material. Such collaborations extend beyond the classroom and enable people to participate as a team in events related to their subject of study (e.g., Mathematics fests-Convergence & Sequence) and other activities (e.g., street play, teaching underprivileged children). Finally, the friends and network one makes are unimaginable and are long lasting – many pursue higher studies at elite institutions (both within India and abroad) while others work at the corporate firms in India

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Chahak Goyal

Senior Actuarial Analyst, Swiss Re Global supporting Life and Health Pricing for Hong Kong market, B.Sc. EMS (2013-16)

My journey started with Christ university back in 2013 as a student in BSc Economics, mathematics and statistics.The course created an inclination towards pursuing actuarial science and provided and strong base right at the beginning of my career.  Moreover, the university has its own charm and energy. It always motivates to engage in activities other than academia and builds once confidence to deal with challenges that occur in day to day life.

I completed my post graduation in MSc Actuarial Science in 2019. We celebrated our first Actuaries day in that academic year where I had chance to host the event. I can never forget how this paved way to host the Young Actuaries Connect conducted by Institute of Actuaries of  India. Well, these are the little surprises university brings through its reputation and association with various professional bodies and organisations.

Lastly, it is my honour to be an adjunct faculty and contribute back to the university. I feel extremely overwhelmed by the faith university and professors kept in me and always recognised my potential.

Currently, I am working as Senior Actuarial analyst at Swiss Re global, a thought in 2013 that turned into reality.


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Vinita Rajagopal

MCA Batch: 1996-1999, Solution Architect at Volvo IT

“Christ College is not just an institution where I learnt my academics but a place which helped me nurture my soft skills. It has helped me improve my self-confidence. Christ has/is playing a significant role in helping me excel in my professional journey.”

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Arthi Narasimhan

MCA Batch : 1997-2000, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, Engineering Manager

“The faculty at Christ College are chosen from the bests to ensure the students get the best. Guest lecturers brought in the industrial experience! This holistic approach to learning makes us stand apart even to this day.”

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Thresy Alex

Thresy Alex MCA Batch: 1994-1998 LS Software, Project Manager

“I am proud to have studied at Christ University. The support extended to us in terms of facilities and faculty was commendable.”

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Mathew K J

Staff Engineer, Qualcomm India Pvt Ltd MCA 1998-2001

“Coming from Christ College, I always felt prepared and competent at any workplace anywhere in the world. The college had us attend the very first IT.com in 1998, campaign for event sponsorships, organise inter-college events, and do placement pitches at companies while spending a ton of time in the lab!”

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Senthil Kumar

Senior Developer, Intelligent lending limited. MCA (2006-2009)

“You learn more than just subjects at Christ University; you will understand life essentials, practice discipline, care for others, and will strive every day to be a better person than yourself.”

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John Paul

Founder & CEO May (www.maya.live) MCA (1999-2002)

"My years at Christ University have laid the foundation for an exciting career. The holistic training that involved technical and non-technical skills gave me an edge at all my workplaces - right from the first job I got through campus placement to the role I hold today as the Founder and CEO at Maya."

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Sangeeta Suresh

MCA (1995-1998)

“I had a memorable 3-year stint at Christ College, having completed my Master’s in Computer Applications (1995-98). The college holds highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty, and I am incredibly grateful to them for guiding and mentoring me through the course. The vast expanse of the campus and its hi-tech infrastructure speaks volumes. I owe it to my alma mater for helping me define and kick-start my career. It feels great to remain connected with them for so many years!”

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Harish Nagaraj

MCA 2008 Batch, Senior Software Consultant, Bank of America, Texas

“Christ College has equipped me with the best skill set for the outside world. Those three incredible years gave me much more than bookish knowledge, and I probably met the best people and some inspiring personalities in my life. It has helped me shape my career and improve my skills to deliver strong results in the IT industry.”

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