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LLB, LLM, MPhil, PhD

Articles in Periodicals

Sl.No. Title Name of Periodical Periodicity Date
1 COVID 19: Lockdown triggers amendments to Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code The Week Daily 09/04/2020

Participation in Seminars/Conferences/Symposium

Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Presenter " Revolutionary Technologies and Evolutionary Laws: Challenges and Opportunities Regulation of Crypto Currencies in India: Challenges and Opportunities 29/02/2024 Mahindra University, Hyderabad International
2 Conference Moderator/Chair Xiv National Conference On Enhancing Judicial Administration: Application Of Procedural Law And Ensuring Access To Justice In India 22/01/2024 Christ University National
3 Conference Participant National Conference on Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code:Implementation, Efficacy & Impact 17/11/2023 Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab &IBBI National
4 Conference Presenter Directions in Legal Education,2022 An Analysis of Student and Teacher Wellness in the Teaching Learning Environment 10/06/2022 The Chinese University of Hong Kong International
5 Conference Presenter Three Day International Conference-Lex-Fin summit on 'Techno-Legal Dynamics of Banking Laws and Regulations Financial Creditors and the Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process under IBC-A Critical Analysis 23/04/2021 ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad International
6 Conference Presenter Directions in Legal Education 2020 Online Conference on Teaching & Learning in Law Diversity in Legal Education:The Way forward for Law Schools 18/06/2020 Chinese University of Hong Kong( CUHK) International
7 Conference Participant Harmonizing people, planet and profits-sustainable strategies and ethical consideration in the 21st century 20/01/2020 Christ University International
8 Conference Presenter Harmonizing people, planet and profits-sustainable Strategies and Ethical considerations in the 21 Century Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability: Corporates as Game Changers. 20/01/2020 Christ University International
9 Seminar Presenter Corporate Frauds:The Regulatory Challenges and Legal Remedies Prevention of Corporate Frauds in India: The Way forward 17/01/2019 School of Legal studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology National
10 Conference Presenter Insolvency and Bankruptcy Laws:Global Response The Rights of Operational Creditor under IBC-A Critical Analysis 01/03/2018 ICFAI Law School International
11 Conference Presenter Post GST-Emerging Issues & Challenges Transitioning to the New GST Regime-Light at the End of the Tunnel. 08/12/2017 T.John Institute of Management & Sciences National

Invited Talks

Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Building a Better Board Room-Corporate Governance Challenges in India Expert Lecture 16/02/2024 School of Commerce, Finance & Accountancy, Christ University
2 Insolvencies in the Airline Industry -A Critique National Conference 17/11/2023 Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law
3 Maintaining Confidentiality in Organizations-Importance And Consequences Expert Talk 05/09/2023 Innoneur
4 Corporate Insolvency Legal Framework in India-An Overview Guest Lecture Series 13/04/2023 Corporate Law Committee, School of Law,Christ
5 Corporate Insolvency Resolution- Emerging Trends Faculty Development Program on 'Contemporary Developments in Corporate Laws'. 09/12/2021 Cochin University of Science & Technology & Institute of Company Secretaries of India
6 Corporate Insolvency Resolution-Emerging Trends Faculty Development Programme on 'Contemporary Developments in Corporate Laws'. 09/12/2021 Cochin University of Science & Technology & Institute of Company Secretaries of India
7 Corporate Failure-Resolution & Liquidation under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code of India Knowledge Sharing Sessions 10/10/2020 Nodal Office, Christ
8 Corporate Rescue During Crisis: Role of Insolvency Law and Board of Directors Student Workshop on CSR,Ethics & Corporate Rescue for Managers & Entrepreneurs 11/08/2020 IA School of Management Studies
9 Sexual Harassment at Workplace Talk 26/03/2019 T.John Institute of Management & Science

Workshop/FDP/Training programme Attended

Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 Scaffolding Adult Learning through Learner-Center Approach TLEC, Christ, Bangalore National 27/03/2024
2 First National Contract Drafting Competition & Workshop Corporate Law Committee, School of Law National 14/02/2024
3 XIV NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON 'Enhancing Judicial Administration: Application of Procedural Law and Ensuring Access to Justice in India National Conference Committee, School of Law, Christ University National 22/01/2024
4 Workshop on Mediation : Need to Prevent Disputes From Taking a Negative Turn Institute of Constitutional And Parliamentary Studies National 13/12/2023
5 Mediation: Need to Prevent Disputes From Taking A Negative Turn Institute of Constitutional And Parliamentary Studies National 13/12/2023
6 Service Learning Model in Law School Curriculum School of Law, Christ University Institutional 05/12/2023
7 Primer-Navigating the World of Corporate Law: Insights for first year students Corporate Law Committee 05/08/2023
8 Anubhav- Embracing Ingenuity School of Business and Management Institutional 28/07/2023
9 Faculty Development Program(FDP-1 2023) CEDBEC & SDC, Christ University Institutional 26/06/2023
10 Decentralisation in the Financial Sector:Understanding the Opportunities, Risks and Policy Considerations Vidhi Center for Legal Policy International 10/11/2022
11 Future of Blockchain Applications:Exploring Opportunities and addressing Challenges Vidhi Center for Legal Policy International 09/11/2022
12 Developing E-Content School of Law, Christ Institutional 03/11/2022
13 Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo12 Nodal Office Christ University National 29/10/2022
14 Faculty Development Programme 1-2022 CEDBEC and IQUAC, christ Institutional 06/07/2022
15 Research Webinar Series-6- on The Art and Science of Technical Paper Writing Centre for Research, Christ, Pune Lavasa Campus 22/01/2022
16 5 Years of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code- Looking Forward And Beyond FICCI and IBBI 20/01/2022
17 Leadership & Innovation in Legal Education School of Law, Christ Institutional 05/01/2022
18 Faculty Development Programme in Contemporary Developments in corporate Laws Cochin University of Science and Technology & Institute of Company Secretaries of India as apart of UGC's Special Assistance programme on Corporate Governance National 06/12/2021
19 Guest Lecture on FinTech Laws and Regulations School of Law, Christ 23/11/2021
20 Inaugural address on Law and Macro economics: Perspectives for a Developing Country Law & Economics Committee, School of Law,Christ 01/10/2021
21 Industry Academia Interface on Insolvency and Bankruptcy code: Issues & Challenges School of Law, Christ 23/09/2021
22 Guest Lecture on Corporate Governance School of Law, Christ 21/09/2021
23 Conference on Financial Reporting and Governance Framework-Panel Discussion Confideration of Indian Industry and National foundation for Corporate Governance National 15/09/2021
24 E-Learning in Legal Education:Leadership Strategies School of Law, Christ Institutional 25/08/2021
25 Guest Lecture on Aviation Law School of Law, Christ 19/08/2021
26 Essential Aspects of Banking Laws Department of Business Law, Tamil Nadu Dr.Ambedkar Law University National 21/07/2021
27 Faculty Development Programme I-2021 Center for Education Beyond Curriculum & Human Resource Development Centre, Christ University Institutional 16/06/2021
28 Qualitative Research Methods Christ Nodal Office National 12/06/2021
29 Educational Leadership Program-Towards a Futuristic Legal Education School of Law, Christ University Institutional 19/05/2021
30 Webinar on Copyright Protection of Musical Works and Performer's Rights: An Overview IPR Committee School of Law Christ University & Department of performing Arts, Music and Theatre 25/04/2021
31 Role and Responsibilities of Law Schools in providing fee legal aid and legal awareness Karnataka Legal Services Authority & School of Law, Christ University National 17/04/2021
32 Corporate Resilience & Response To Covid-19 Pandemic School of legal studies, CUSAT, SAP National 09/03/2021
33 Hybrid Teaching & Learning Staff Development College, Christ 02/03/2021
34 Quality Improvement Program on Hybrid Teaching Staff Development College, CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 02/03/2021
35 Panel Discussion: Union Budget 2021-2022 Corporate Law Committee, School of Law National 17/02/2021
36 Daksha conclave 2021- The Bankruptcy Code and Issues in Cross Border Insolvency Daksha & Sai University National 13/02/2021
37 First Contract Drafting Competition, 2021 Corporate Law Committee, School of Law, Christ. National 08/02/2021
38 Webinar on Legal Research Writing and How to Avoid Plagiarism Virtual School for Personality Development and Professional Skills 23/01/2021
39 Developing Future Ready Legal Education-Design/Engage/Access/Impact/Lead School of Law, Christ University National 11/01/2021
40 Panel Discussion on The IBC(Second Amendment)Act,2002 Corporate Law Committee (School of Law) National 02/11/2020
41 International Virtual Colloquium on Understanding Corporate Governance in Asia Curriculum Development Cell, School of Law International 24/10/2020
42 Webinar on Related Part Transactions & its Exemptions During the Covid-19 Pandemic School of Law, Christ University 17/08/2020
43 Student Workshop on 'CSR,Ethics & Corporate Rescue for Managers & Entrepreneurs' IA School of Management Studies National 10/08/2020
44 Virtual Guest Lecture-Civil Procedure during the covid 19 Pandemic and Constitutional Principles School of Law, Christ and International Association of Law Schools Institutional 28/07/2020
45 Online Certificate Course on Media Law & Policy MyLawman National 19/06/2020
46 Initatives by the Government of Karnataka on the measures to combat Child Labour School of Law 11/06/2020
47 Structured Experimental Learning on Various Practical Legal Arenas ICFAI University,Dehradun National 06/06/2020
48 Faculty Development Program-I 2020 Centre for Education Beyond Curriculum National 15/05/2020
49 Faculty development Programe Center For Education Beyond Curriculam -Christ University Institutional 15/05/2020
50 Webinar on Bangalore Cyber Security Awareness Initiative School of Law,Christ University 11/05/2020
51 Webinar on The Post COVID Global Economy:Challenges and Hopes Christ University, Nodal Office,Thiruvananthapuram 09/05/2020
52 Global Lawyers Colloquium on Global Lawyering and the Corporate Legal Profession in a Post Corona World Jindal Global University International 09/05/2020
53 Quality Improvement Programe Academic Staff College 22/04/2020
54 Fintech Law and Policy Duke University International 14/04/2020
55 Learning to teach Online The University of New South Wales(UNSW)Sydney International 14/04/2020
56 Two Day Workshop on Contract Drafting and Negotitaion Corporate Law Committee, School of Law National 17/01/2020
57 Teacher's Training Workshop on Contemporary Developments in Corporate Law School of legal studies-CUSAT National 26/12/2019
58 QIP on Outcome Based Pedagogical Practices & Evaluation Techniques Academic Staff College 05/11/2019
59 Progressive Research on social Sciences TIMS & IQAC Cell National 14/09/2019
60 orientation program Academic Staff College 05/08/2019
61 Academic -Industry Interface on contemporary Developments in corporate and Commercial Laws Christ University National 14/09/2018
62 Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Finance and Accounting National 22/07/2018
63 Summer workshop on data analysis using VIVo Centre for Advanced Research & Training Regional 17/04/2018


Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Certificate of Merit awarded to the top 10% of over 1 lakh participants for a national timer Quiz organised on IBC 2016 by the IBBI and Government of India. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India & Govt. of India 01 July 2020
2 Certificate of Merit Meritorious performance in 2nd National Quiz on the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 IBBI & MyGov.in & BSE Investors Protection Fund 22 November 2021
3 Statement of Accomplishment University of New South Wales (UNSW),Sydney 09 May 2020
4 Statement of Accomplishment Online Course on Fintech Law & Policy Duke University through Coursera 05 August 2020
5 Appreciation Letter Innoneur IT Ventures Pvt. Ltd 12 September 2023
6 Judge for Anubhav-Best SIP Competition 2023 Finance Club-School of Business & Management 28 July 2023
7 Doctorate Award Notification Christ University 27 September 2023
8 Certificate of Appreciation For the invaluable contribution as a Trainer on Simulations for the training program "Scaffolding Adult Learning Through Learner Centered Approach" Teaching Learning Enhancement Cell, Christ University,Bangalore 27 February 2024


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