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BArch, PGDP, PhD

Participation in Seminars/Conferences/Symposium

Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Participant Latitude: Celebrating Regionalism in Globalized World 11/11/2022 Indian Institute of Architects : Karnataka Chapter Regional
2 Conference Presenter Rajyasthariya vastukala marathi parishad 2022 Shahari patalivar imaritichya arogyavar vivid ghatakancha honara parinam 27/02/2022 BKPS, Pune Regional
3 Symposium Participant Research Symposium Challenges in Architecture 02/03/2019 MMCA, Pune Institutional
4 Conference Convenor National Conference on Building with Time 24/02/2019 DYPSOA, Ambi National
5 Conference Moderator/Chair Building Construction and typology 11/01/2018 MIT Pune National
6 Conference Participant Emerging trends in Architecture and Allied fields 27/02/2014 SCOA, Pune National
7 Conference Presenter Healthy Cities: An Asian Concerns Healthy Cities: Achieving Sustainable Rural Development 03/02/2011 BNCA. Pune International
8 Symposium Participant Integrated Township Development 21/12/2010 MIT, Pune National
9 Seminar Participant Load Tracker Energy Centre Load Tracker Energy Centre 22/06/2009 Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional
10 Seminar Participant Natural Light 30/10/2008 Perth and Kinross Council, Perth. Institutional
11 Seminar Participant Daylight Solutions 29/10/2008 Perth and Kinross Council Institutional

Invited Talks

Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Research Theories and Social Parameters ?PhD coursework Lecture Series 28/07/2018 BNCA, Pune
2 Architecture Research and social Sciences Coursework lecture series 16/06/2018 BNCA, Pune
3 Social Research and Architecture PhD curriculum for Architecture 09/06/2018 BNCA, Pune
4 Dissertation Architecture 15/11/2016 JNEC, Aurangabad
5 Motivational and Guiding Talk Republic day celebration 26/01/2013 Hivre Bazar Gram Panchayat

Own MPhil/PhD Thesis

Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Month Year
1 Achieving Sustainable Rural development through decentralized Planning and Infrastrcututre Dr. M. V. Telang Savitribai Phule Pune University

MPhil/PhD Guided/Adjudicated

Sl.No. Title Name of Student Institution Month Year
1 Integrated Study and Analysis of RCC residential buildings with architectural planning, construction, and Management aspects to achieve durability and structural strength Ar. Leena Aphale Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University June 2019
2 An investigation of Architectural and Built Heritage within the Historical Neighbourhoods of Bengaluru SONA ALEX Christ University June 2023
3 Investigating the Impact of Conscious and Unconscious Urban Fabrics on Children?s Play: A Case of Bengaluru V P PRIYA Christ University June 2023
5 . RICHARD MANOHARAN Christ University November 2023
6 Investigating the Dynamics of Socio-Spatial environmental characteristics of walkways and their impact on modal choice. KANURU YAMUNAVALLI Christ University January 2024
7 Assessing Aesthetical Dimension in Formation of Rural Built Identities Sonal Nirmal MIT ADT August 2021

Workshop/FDP/Training programme Attended

Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 30MTraining 30MTraining Team, Christ University Institutional 23/02/2023
2 Qualitative Research Methodology COURSERA International 01/09/2020
3 Research Theories and Social Parameters BNCA, Pune Institutional 28/07/2018
4 Maharashtra University Act 2016 SPPU, Pune Institutional 12/04/2017
5 Skill Development for Digital Technology SPPU, Pune Institutional 12/04/2017
6 Handling Dissertation and Architectural Project (Thesis) Council of Architecture National 20/07/2016
7 Advanced Research Thrust areas in engineering and science SCOE, PUNE 21/11/2015
8 COA Minimum Standard and online MIS Council of Architecture National 30/10/2015
9 Effective Techniques of Research Writing and publication SCOA, Pune Regional 21/10/2013
10 the Workshop2012 Praxis International 05/09/2012
11 esearch through PRA introduction to workshop methodology Council of Architecture National 02/05/2011
12 Research: Concepts and Methods Council of Architecture National 17/01/2011
13 Early Faculty Induction Programme Council of Architecture National 01/08/2010
14 The Child Protection Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 09/09/2009
15 Fire safety and Management Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 25/06/2009
16 Protecting the Environment Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 24/06/2009
17 Meeting Industry Needs Perth and Kinross COuncil 17/06/2009
18 Continuouse Professional Development Perth and Kinross COuncil 11/06/2009
19 Continuouse Professional Development Perth and Kinross COuncil 07/05/2009
20 CDM regulations Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 18/02/2009
21 Continuouse Professional Development Perth and Kinross COuncil 18/02/2009
22 Floor Covering Perth and Kinross COuncil 04/02/2009
23 Dundee Institute of Architects CDP series 2008-09 Perth and Kinross COuncil 26/12/2008
24 Continuouse Professional Development Perth and Kinross COuncil 06/12/2008
25 the customer Service Standards Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 09/09/2008
26 Data Protection Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 09/09/2008
27 Equal Opportunity and Diversity Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 09/09/2008
28 Managing Diversity Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 09/09/2008
29 Risk Management Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 09/09/2008
30 The information Security Perth and Kinross COuncil Institutional 09/09/2008
31 QIP of COA & AICTE on Natural Disaster Mitigation and safety of Human Settelment SAARCH 22/10/2001


Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Invited as External Examiner Department of planning is one of the well acknowledged course i COEP, Pune COEP, Pune 13 May 2016
2 Appreciation for being a part of the Tree Plantation drive The event was recorded in Guinness Book of World Records SPPU, Pune 23 June 2019
3 PhD Reviewer Invited as external expert to review the PhD candidate's work BNCA, Pune 16 February 2018
4 Invited Reviewer for Research publication Invited to review papers submitted for publication in MASA journal MASA, Pune 29 March 2021
5 PhD selection Panel Was appointed as Subject Expert on PhD selection Panel SPPU, Pune 26 December 2017
6 PhD selection Panel Was a part of PhD selection committee as a subject expert. SPPU, Pune 09 June 2018
7 PhD selection Panel Subject Expert SPPU, Pune 09 December 2020
8 South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics Reviewed Research Paper SAJSSE 01 December 2020
9 Session Chair Was invited as a session chair for one of the tracks of National Conference MIT, Pune 12 January 2018
10 COA Inspection Requested to be a COA inspector to inspect the school of architecture fir Minimum Standards compliance COA, New Delhi 08 March 2019
11 Member of BOS and Academic Council of School of Architecture and School of Design of D Y Patikl University, Pune D Y Patil University, Pune 12 March 2020


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