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Articles in Periodicals

Sl.No. Title Name of Periodical Periodicity Date
1 Logicross Vismaya Annual 24/01/2024
2 She-E-Os: Do Women At The Top Elevate Everyone? Voices of Women Annual 21/12/2023
3 A neurological condition called epilepsy can result in a variety of seizures. Seizures differ from person to person. It is frequently diagnosed with fMRI magnetic resonance imaging and electroencephalography (EEG). Visually evaluating the EEG activity requires a lot of time and effort, which is the usual way of analysis. As a result, an automated diagnosis approach based on machine learning was created. To effectively categorize epileptic seizure episodes using binary classification from brain-based EEG recordings, this study develops feature selection techniques using a machine learning (ML)-based random forest classification model. Ten (10) feature selection algorithms were utilized in this proposed work. The suggested method reduces the number of features by selecting only the relevant features needed to classify seizures. So to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed model, random forest classifier is utilized. The Bonn Epilepsy dataset derived from UCI repository of Bonn Unive Vismaya Annual 13/02/2023
4 Nanna Tande Kundavahini Daily 21/06/2021
5 Soladiru Endendu (Never accept failure) Kunda Vahini Daily 16/06/2021
6 Hennu (Woman) Kunda Vahini Daily 07/03/2021

Articles in Journals

Sl.No. Title Name of Journal Date of Publication Volume No/Issue No/Page No
1 Clustering Faculty Members for the Betterment of Research Outcomes: A Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision-Making Approach in Team Formation Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing 02-Dec-2022 420 / / -

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Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Co-Author
Title of Article Clustering Faculty Members for the Betterment of Research Outcomes: A Fuzzy Multi-criteria Decision-Making Approach in Team Formation
Name of Journal Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing
Volume No 420
Issue No
Page No -
URL https://www.springer.com/series/2941
Date of Publication 02-Dec-2022
2 Hybrid BATGSA: A Meta Heuristic Model for the Classification of Breast Cancer Data Journal of Intelligent Systems 04-Feb-2016 26 / 1 / 139-152

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Category Article in Research Journal
Sole Authored /Co Authored Co-Author
Title of Article Hybrid BATGSA: A Meta Heuristic Model for the Classification of Breast Cancer Data
Name of Journal Journal of Intelligent Systems
Volume No 26
Issue No 1
Page No 139-152
URL https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/jisys.2017.26.issue-1/jisys-2015-0059/jisys-2015-0059.xml
Date of Publication 04-Feb-2016


Sl.No. Title URL Subject Month Year
1 Indian Women Pioneers In Stem Field https://ummesalmam.medium.com/indian-women-pioneers-in-stem-field-f22cc1a20f02 Women's Day
2 Parveen Talha: The Stringent Boss Of Narcotics Department https://medium.com/@ummesalma.m/parveen-talha-the-stringent-boss-of-narcotics-department-612c0238ba79 Lesser Known Women Achievers

Participation in Seminars/Conferences/Symposium

Sl.No. Type of Program Role Name of Program Title of Paper Date Organising Institution Level
1 Conference Presenter 2nd International Conference on Smart Electronics and Communication (ICOSEC) Classification Algorithms Used In The Study of EEG-Based Epileptic Seizure Detection 07/10/2021 Kongunadu College of Engineering and Technology International
2 Conference Presenter Congress of Intelligent Systems 2021 An Empirical Study on Signal Transformation Techniques on Epileptic Seizures Using EEG Data 04/09/2021 Christ University International
3 Conference Participant International Conference on Issues and Challenges in Doctoral Research (ICICDR-2021) 25/08/2021 Amity University International
4 Conference Presenter 5th IEEE International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Informatics (ICOEI 2021) COLPOUSIT: A Hybrid Model for Tourist Place Recommendation based on Machine Learning Algorithms 03/06/2021 IEEE & SCAD College of Engineering and Technology, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India International
5 Conference Participant Zakat Conference 2.0 03/04/2021 Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), India National
6 Conference Presenter International Conference on Sustainable Advanced Computing ICSAC -2021 Demography Based Hybrid Recommender System for Movie Recommendations 05/03/2021 Christ University International
7 Conference Presenter 2020 International Conference on Communication, Computing and Industry 4.0 (C2I4) Constraint Governed Association Rule Mining for Identification of Strong SNPs to Classify Autism Data 17/12/2020 CMR Institute of Technology International
8 Seminar Participant Machine Learning and AI beyond the buzz 07/11/2020 Christ University Institutional
9 Conference Presenter National Conference on Emerging Trends in Information Technology Contribution of Sentiment Analysis Using Twitter Data in Predicting Crime Against Women 25/09/2020 Christ University National
10 Conference Presenter International Conference on Advances in Business, Commerce & Information Technology Role of Digital Technology in Autism: A Case Study 30/07/2020 Department of Computer Applications, Management & Commerce TJohn College International
11 Seminar Participant Webinar on Machine Learning Taxonomy Using Python 29/05/2020 Christ University Institutional
12 Conference Co-presenter Third International Conference on Computational Systems and Information Technology for sustainable solutions 20/12/2018 R V College of Engineering Bengaluru International
13 Conference Co-presenter International Conference on Sustainable Advanced Computing ICSAC-2018 02/03/2018 Christ University International
14 Conference Co-presenter International Conference on Sustainable Advanced Computing ICSAC-2018 02/03/2018 Christ University International

Invited Talks

Sl.No. Title of the Program Name of the Program Date Name of the Institution
1 Faculty Development Program on "Statistical Computing using Python" Faculty Development Program 12/04/2021 Department of Statistics, CHRIST (Deemed to be University)
2 Guest Lecture on Fundamentals of Python Programming Guest Lecture on Fundamentals of Python Programming 26/02/2021 TJohn College

Research Project

Sl.No. Name of the Research Project Investigator(s) Sponsors Internal/External
1 Developing an Analytical Model on Gestational Diabetes Mellitus a Case Study on Rural and Urban Bangalore, Karnataka UMMESALMA M, NGAITLANG MARY TARIANG Internal

Workshop/FDP/Training programme Attended

Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Oraganiser Level Date
1 training program on Scaffolding Adult Learning Through Learner-Centered Approach TLEC CHRIST UNIVERSITY Institutional 28/02/2024
2 Workshop on Case Writing CCRD CHRIST UNIVERSITY Institutional 19/02/2024
3 Two Weeks International Faculty Development Program on Big Data Analytics Department of Information Technology, VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad in collaboration with ExcelR Edtech Pvt. Ltd. National 04/12/2023
4 5days national level online FDP Maulana Azad University Jodhpur National 06/11/2023
6 FDP 1 CEDBEC CHRIST UNIVERSITY Institutional 26/06/2023
7 International Conference department of statistics and data science International 30/03/2023
8 National Workshop on Statistical Computing Using Python Department of Statistics and Data Science National 11/01/2023
9 Curriculum Design and Revision with specific focus on OBE Staff Development College CHRIST Institutional 05/12/2022
10 Design Made Easy Using Canva 30M Training powered by Media Studies & IT Services CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Institutional 28/07/2022
11 FDP1 -2022 CEDBEC CHRIST Institutional 06/07/2022
12 Webinar on Attracting Grants and Funds for Research Wiley International 14/09/2021
13 Workshop On Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Aligarh Muslim University International 26/08/2021
14 FDP on Multidimensional Skills for Teaching Fraternity in Higher Education Institutions Government of India Ministry of Education National 24/08/2021
15 FDP on Data Science Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur National 11/06/2021
16 FDP on Nurturing Academic Leadership - A Multi Dimensional Perspective CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Institutional 26/05/2021
17 Quality Improvement Program on Hybrid Teaching CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 02/03/2021
18 COVID19 Data Analysis Using Python Coursera International 22/06/2020
19 Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python Coursera International 03/06/2020
20 Using Databases with Python Coursera International 31/05/2020
21 Python Data Structures Coursera (University of Michigan) International 31/05/2020
22 Using Python to Access Web Data Coursera (University of Michigan) International 31/05/2020
23 Specialization Course on Python for Everybody Coursera International 29/05/2020
24 Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) Coursera (University of Michigan) International 29/05/2020
25 2Days FDP on Cloud Application Development Computer Society of India & CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Regional 13/05/2020
26 Big Data Workshop Edureka National 09/05/2020
27 JCR South Asia Training and Certification Program 2020 Clarivate Analytics Company International 05/05/2020
28 Quality Improvement Program on Online Teaching CHRIST (Deemed to be University) 22/04/2020
29 Marketing Analytics Coursera (University of Virginia) International 11/04/2020
30 Python 3.4.3 training by Spoken Tutorials IIT Bombay National 05/04/2020
31 Handson workshop on applied genomics in precision medicine(oncology) Deanery of Sciences CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Regional 25/10/2018
32 QIP on Outcome Based Education Academic Staff College CHRIST( Deemed to be University) 21/05/2018


Sl.No. Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Indian Science Congress Life Time Member Indian Science Congress Association is a premier scientific organisation of India with headquarters at Kolkata, West Bengal. The association started in the year 1914 in Kolkata and it meets annually in the first week of January. It has a membership of more than 30,000 scientists. Member Id: L38297 INDIAN SCIENCE CONGRESS 01 August 2019
2 Internet Society Lifetime Member The Internet Society (ISOC) is an American nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet-related standards, education, access, and policy. Its mission is "to promote the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world" Membership ID:2220196 Internet Society (ISOC) 09 July 2020
3 AI Curriculum Connect? - A course on Artificial Intelligence by the UK Government AI foundational course is a specialization course offered by the UK government to Indian participants and delivered by The AI Core. Top 70 were picked from various competitive field of 300 short listed candidates and 700 applied candidates from across the India. The programme started on 5th November 2020 and was an intense 10 weeks course delivered by AI Core (www.theaicore.com). British High Commission New Delhi 17 March 2021
4 The Mental Health and Covid19 Datathon This certificate is presented to Umme Salma M in recognition of attending The Mental Health and Covid19 Datathon Hosted virtually by Ulster University, Ireland 22-24th March 2021. In collaboration with University of Bath England, and Engineering and Physical Science Research Council, United Kingdom. Ulster University, Ireland 31 March 2021
5 IEEE and Women in Engineering Membership IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is a global network of IEEE members and volunteers dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists, and inspiring girls around the world to follow their academic interests in a career in engineering and science. IEEE 05 December 2021
6 AMPs 7th National Award For Excellence In Education 2023 University Teacher Special Jury Award in recognition of her outstanding services in the field of Education and invaluable Contribution to the Society at large Association of Muslim Professionals 05 September 2023


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